Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We're Here!

Just a short note to let you all know that we made it safely! Lots of rain, some minor car problems, a little fussiness from the boys, but an awesome welcome from our friends and teammates here at New Tribes Bible Institute. We're in the midst of settling in to our house, which we love. Bethany's mom is up visiting/helping for the week as well.


Please keep us in your prayers. Moving in is a tiring task and we need energy, patience, good time with the boys, finances for the transition. So, lots to pray for. And a special prayer item is for the shipment of things from Indonesia. We shipped some things back to the USA from Indonesia and as I write this, it's on a boat somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. It's ETA is May 23rd and I'm planning to fly out to Los Angeles on the 28th and arrange to have it shipped to Jackson. Would you pray that the Lord would let it arrive timely and provide the funds needed to ship it to Jackson MI?


We're anxiuosly awaiting our silverware, and a lot of other useful things that are in those three crates -J


Ok, thanks for your interest in our lives and ministry. We're so excited to be doing what we're doing!


Joel for the Potters


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hit the Road Jack

That's what my mom is saying this morning to us as we head out the door for Michigan.  Not really but it sounded good!  I'm sure though, that she is glad to get her house back from our two little monkeys! 


Our trailer is loaded and we are planning to leave in an hour or so.  We'd appreciate your prayers for us, especially on this first leg (the first 4 hours or so) as we will be going up and down many hills, pulling a trailer. We plan to arrive on Sunday in Jackson.  We'll keep you posted.


Joel and Bethany

Jack and Owen


Sunday, May 04, 2008

And the word is...

Michigan it is!  Yes, we got word while in Michigan last week but were waiting to "announce" it till we got a letter together to send out via snail mail.  Well, it was a nice idea but alas we ran out of time and after about the 20th person asking us today at church, we decided to let the cat out of the bag! 


Here's the scoop.  We have all our stuff packed up and it's awaiting the big load up tomorrow.  A good friend who lives in Michigan offered to drive down in his van and bring his 12 foot trailer with him to transport all our stuff up to Michigan!  Can you say, "WOW"?!!  He is literally on the road somewhere between St. Louis and Springfield as I type this and should arrive around midnight tonight!  Did I mention what a good friend he is?  Thank you Adam! Oh and I might add, he also got the award for driving the farthest to attend our wedding – all the way from Portland, Oregon.  Ok back to the business at hand. 


Tomorrow morning we'll load up the trailer and his van and send our stuff up north.  We'll be here in Springfield another week or two and then we'll head up there ourselves to begin the next phase of our journey in our lives.  We will definitely move up there by the 18th but we're hoping to do so next weekend, if all the details work out.  In the mean time, we have every evening this week booked solid, spending time with friends and family here in Springfield and the days are filling up too.


The next question to answer then is "what will be our ministries up there?"  Answer:  Joel will be wearing several hats as he organizes and plans the chapels that happen three mornings a week, leads and disciples the student worship team, and teaches a class called Hold the Ropes.  This class involves introducing the students to what is happening in NTM worldwide by way of research, praying and communicating with missionaries and the works they are involved in.  There is also regular Day of Prayer where the whole school focuses on praying for the various regions of ministry around the world for an entire morning.  Joel will be in charge of planning out this day.  Bethany will be working as an administrative assistant to the head of the Academic Development Team.


We are super excited about this opportunity as it's so much more than just "jobs" to do.  Yes, these things need to be done to have a functioning Bible School but the best part about where we'll be is that we get to be a part of shaping hundreds of students' lives each semester as they study God's Word, get to know Him better and seek His direction for their lives.  DISCIPLESHIP is the thing that will motivate us.  That God would use us is an honor and we are thrilled to be a part of training those who will take the Gospel to those who've never heard! 


We are confident of God's leading in this new step in ministry.  Many have asked us how long we plan to be there.  Our answer is, "The mind of man plans his way,but the LORD directs his steps". (Proverbs 16:9)  If we have learned anything at all in the past few years, it's this truth from Scripture (I think we finally got it, Lord!).  So for now, for however long God sees fit to allow us to be there, we're going to be in Michigan.  Should God have other plans for us down the road, we will follow where He leads, when He leads.  We're just going to take it one day at a time!


So thanks for taking an interest in our lives, for investing in us with prayer.  Never a dull moment in the lives of the Potter 4!


This is a shot of the Bible Institute from the front of the building