Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today's doctor visit

Today we had an appointment for Owen to finally have his 1 year well child checkup (at 15 months) and he got his 6 months shots (better late than never).  He is healthy and happy and for that we are very grateful.  His height is way above average and his weight is just above average, so he is following well in the “big for his age” department just like his big brother. 


Jack also got a quick check up and Joel and I were able to talk with the doctor about what to do next with him.  Jack has been on a dairy and soy free diet for 4 weeks now and we haven’t seen any changes in his tummy troubles so we wanted to know what the doctor’s next move would be.  So this is how it will look for the next month or so.


·         Today we took in another stool sample to the lab to have it checked for parasites and other things

·         Today we also began to reintroduce dairy and soy to his diet (boy was he happy to eat mac and cheese again!)

·         In a week we’ll treat him again with Vermox for worms to try that once more

·         In about 2 or three weeks, we will begin to eliminate gluten from his diet. 


The doctor said that if gluten is causing the problem, we would know within a few weeks after eliminating it from his diet.  So we’ll try that for 2-3 weeks and see if there are any changes.  After that, if the tests come back clear, the vermox doesn’t make a difference and gluten is innocent, then we’ll be referred to another GI specialist and go from there.  So that’s the game plan for now. 


Thanks for all your prayers for our family and Jack, especially.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

a midsummer's day update

‘Afternoon from hot and steamy Michigan,

How’s your summer going? If it’s like ours, it’s passing quickly and it’s hot and mostly productive.

Life here has settled into a fairly regular routine, for now at least. For the last 5 or 6 weeks, I (Joel) have been working out of my office preparing for the students arrival next month. Along with various assorted tasks, my main responsibilities have been to schedule and fill up the openings for our chapel program, a daily hour of teaching, musical worship, student leadership growth and other things that need to be addressed towards the whole student body. Along with that, my other primary responsibility is working and discipling students through their involvement in the musical worship team that I lead. I’ve been preparing a lot of music and ideas and principles that I want to pass on to the students who I have the privilege of working with. I’m excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for building relationships with these students, many of whom will go on to serve as missionaries themselves. Even though our ‘field experience’ hasn’t been the ideal normal type, I’m convinced that our God will use it.

The students begin to arrive in about a month or so, so all of us as a staff of missionaries here at the Bible Institute are squeezing in preparation and rest and relaxation before life revolves around the students again.

Bethany and the boys have been also getting some routine, though it hasn’t been without it’s ups and downs. Not having me in the house all day has been an adjustment for all three of them, though Bethany is doing an awesome job of keeping our house and boys in great shape. She’ll start assisting the schools dean of education in August and is looking forward to that change of pace.

Jack is doing slightly better. We’ve had him on a no soy/no milk diet for 3 weeks and have seen some change for the better, but it seems that all change in his little body is slow going.

So that’s life for us these days. How about you? Seems like everyone is more relaxed during the summer so we tend to not hear from folks as much, but we love staying connected to what’s going on in your lives.

Before I sign off, I would ask for your prayers in two big areas.

First, my Grandpa (Papa as we call him, he’s my mom’s dad) in Southeastern Pennsylvania has been in the hospital for nearly a week dealing with the results of a minor heart attack, some of which have been some serious blood clots. He’s around 85 years old and though in his mind as spry and feisty as ever, his body is not as spry. My mom is flying back from Guyana (where she and my dad serve as missionaries) to help in his care. Would you pray for the Lord’s mercy on Papa’s body as well as for physical and emotional strength for my family.

Second, man the gas prices are awful! You know that and we really know that. Because of how gas effects so many things and the economy in general, we’re facing some financial needs and shortfalls that we’ve never had to deal with. We ideally could use an increase in our support and however things come about, we’re looking, moment by moment, and I mean that, to our God who has promised to meet our needs as we seek His purposes and serve Him full time. Please be praying both for our provision as well as for our ability to totally trust in His ability to provide for us.

Thank you so much for standing with us!

Joel for the Potter 4

Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Hey all,

Thought I'd send out some photos from our weekend with Bekah and Jon and
Christine. It was a lovely time had by all, especially the youngest

Happy 4th!