Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We'd like to introduce you to our new Daughters!!
From Left to Right: Bridgette (Michigan), Grace (California), Rachel (Michigan), and Anna (Michigan)
Here at the Bible School, each dorm is adopted by a staff family for the year and this year we have the privilege of being dorm parents to four great gals. Bethany thinks it's about time she had some girls around!
We look forward to getting to know them each better and hopefully having a positive impact in their lives on a more personal level.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

A Girls Only Weekend

My wonderful husband gave me a wonderful Christmas gift this year! He sent me to see my family in Missouri - all by myself - for almost a week! I arrived in Springfield on Saturday morning and got to see my brother, Jeremy, his fiance' Shannon (congratulations you two!) and his two boys McGwire and Kael. We had a great time together and enjoyed watching old videos from when the boys were little! I also was able to go to services at our home/sending church and it was so nice to catch up with our friends here, surprising many, as we didn't tell but three people I was coming!

Today, Mom and I had a lazy morning at home (I slept till 9!) and then spent the afternoon at the mall. We didn't get much but it was just nice to be able to go from store to store without hearing, "Mommy, can we go now? Mommy, I'm tired. Mommy, I'm hungry!" Just to brag on what a great husband I have, he even secretly saved up money for the last few months so that I could have a bit of fun too! I'm still amazed that I am so blessed to have him as my husband!

Today, Mom and I also got photos taken together. We had the photo studio to ourselves and had such fun! You can see the end results here and I think they came out really well.

Thanks Mom for a great day and for letting me invade the house, yet again! I love you!

And Joel, you truly are the best thing, after Christ, to ever happen to me! I love you!