Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today I began to get Kate’s room ready for her arrival.
Up till now, it has served other purposes: storage, my craft room and most recently, Jack’s nap room. It is once again empty and will soon be painted! I took down one of two shelves today and will move it to another wall but before it’s put back up, I’ll take the other one down and paint the walls a nice tan color (the same shade as our downstairs area). Then we are going to paint a big diamond pattern in alternating pink and green at eye level around the room and make it to look like an argyle pattern with dark brown stitching. It will be simple, yet very feminine!
I can’t move the crib in till after Thanksgiving because I’m pretty sure Steve, Bekah’s fiancĂ©, won’t fit in the crib when he comes for Thanksgiving J.
Kate’s afghan is coming along nicely (about ¾ done) and Mom and I talked last night about the quilt she’ll be making for her. Our guest room closet is quickly filling up with girlie looking things and I am realizing that they’ll be put to use sooner than I can imagine. This pregnancy is flying by with only 18 weeks to go. I have been contemplating asking the doctor if we can possibly induce a bit earlier than my due date so that she can be born before school starts up again next semester. It would sure make life easier if Joel isn’t back and in the full swing of things at work and could stay home a few days. This will be the first time we’ve had a baby born when he isn’t home with me and that my mom won’t be around to help me transition into things again. I’ve been learning lots about depending on God alone so I suppose that time will be a great opportunity to learn first-hand that lesson.
Thanks for being excited with us!
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Just wanted to add a picture that we took the other day, just for fun! Owen likes to show his muscles and so we all decided to do it together. What a silly family!
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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


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No Words Can Describe...

Hey everyone! Most of you already know but for some, we want to announce – we are having a girl!!! I wanted to send out Kate Lael’s first photo The picture is a side shot of her (head left – profile, left hand up at her forehead – as if she’s exhausted J, feet up pushing on my belly! And yes I was feeling it as I saw her doing it!)

We are over the moon about this. I am getting the box of girl clothes out next and am excited to get shopping!!!

Love to you all!


It's a girl!!!

Monday, September 07, 2009

A visit from the Nephew and Noni

This post should have happened a month or more ago, but i'm getting caught up today. Mom and my brother's boys came for a week and we loved having them here! We can't wait for next summer!
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I think this should be a family tradition for the Potter family anytime we are in New Jersey.

Steve and Bekah, thanks for a great dinner out!

A great Italian Man and a great Italian dinner!
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A Day for Two in New York City

While we were in New Jersey visiting Bekah and Steve, Joel and I were able to take a day alone and go to New York City. I must say I was overwhelmed by the enourmity of the city and all there is to see but it was fun to do it once! Thanks to Bekah and Steve for making it happen for us!
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Papa, the guys and toys!

The boys were able to see Papa while we were out East. This is Joel's mom's dad and he is quite the character. It was a fun little visit and the boys will always remember Papa and his toys!

Mom Potter, we sure wish you could have been there. It was a good day!
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Have you met Pete?

We added a new member to our family just a few days before school started here for us. This sweet little guy was found in a park in our city by the brother of some of our friends from church and through a quick chain of events, has now become a member of our family. We named him Pete and he has quickly become a beloved part of our family. He is really patient with the boys and yet loves to play too. He is a big snuggler and thankfully the perfect size for your lap. We love him and are so thankful to have him with us!
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A Fun Day with Family in Ann Arbor

Joel and Jon

Jon and Christine

Our favorite Little Middle Eastern Restaurant
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A Labor Day BBQ

Sunday was a perfect day to grill out. Joel, the master griller/chef did a great job and dinner was amazing! The boys all enjoyed playing in the yard and Pete had a great time outside too!
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Our New Family Picture

Thanks Jon and Christine for taking a great picture for us. We'll call you up in February to update with the newest family member!
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On an expedition!

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Where does he get it from?

As they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and Owen is living proof of that. They also say, the little boy must grow up, but you can't take the little boy out of the man. I think Joel enjoys the rescue heros as much as the boys do!

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Time with Mon Oncle

Jon and Christine are here for the Labor Day weekend and once again we are thrilled to spend time with them. Jack and Owen are soaking up all the attention as you can see here. They are reading Spider Man here with "Mon Oncle" and Jack, in his usual manner, has lots of questions.
I have a whole new appreciation for my teachers growing up who would often write on my report cards, "Bethany is doing well in school but often asks too many questions." Thanks to all those teachers of my past who indulged my curiosity and never squelched it! You are my heros as I raise a little guy just like me!!!
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Congratulations Bekah!

We are thrilled to announce the engagement of our sister Rebekah Ruth Potter to Stephen Philip Worth.
Steve proposed to Bekah on Thursday, August 27th while visiting our brother and sister (Jon and Christine) in Winona Lake, IN.
We were able to meet Steve just a few weeks ago while visiting Bekah in New Jersey and loved him right away. He'll make a great addition to our family and we can't wait to celebrate the big day with them next summer!
We love you both!
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Potter Baby # 3

For those interested in the progress of this pregnancy, we are now into the 2nd trimester and all is well. My energy level has risen, thankfully and I anticipate that in the next week or so, the other members of my family will get to feel the activities of our newest member! This Wednesday, we'll have the 20 week ultrasound which hopefully will tell us the gender of the baby. I have pink paint on my shopping list in hopes but those hopes aren't super high as I am trying to stay grounded in reality. If you see me this week past Wed. and my feet are floating somewhere off the ground, then you can be assured it's a girl, if I'm happy and a bit shocked, well then the news was a third boy and I'm preparing mentally for being completely outnumbered in our house (a husband, 3 sons, a boy fish and a male dog to boot!). Everyone says if we have three boys, the teenage years will likely be much easier on us. I'm just not sure I'll survive the toddler years! We'll let you all know!
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Thursday, September 03, 2009

An urgent prayer request from Indonesia

I really try to not pass on forwards, etc, but this prayer request hit so close to home as the situation that this family in Indonesia is experiencing is so similar to our experience in Indonesia with Jack. Would you please mention this request to the Lord?


Dear Prayer Partners,

I am writing to ask you to please be praying for an 11 year old boy named Joseph, the son of co-workers. For several months now he has been battling some type of illness: bruising, fever, nausea, etc. A couple months ago he saw some Drs in Jakarta but nothing was determined. He and his mother have been back in Jakarta since this past Monday, to see the Drs again. They had hoped to be able to come home by Wednesday. However, I just talked to the mother by phone – they will be in Jakarta indefinitely until they can get some answers.

It has been narrowed down to 2 possibilities, both of which are not good.

One, he could have something from a new type of parasite that is only found in this area of the world. Treatment for this is virtually unknown at this point, since it is such a rare and new thing.

Or, he could have a form of leukemia (I’m sorry I’ve forgotten what she called it). The white blood cells are there in the blood, but they just aren’t doing their job.

Right now they are sending stool samples to the University Hospital in Jakarta. They will need at least 3 days of “negative” stools to determine that it is not the parasite. If it is the parasite, they will need to stay in Jakarta for treatment. However, if it is not the parasite, they will need to return to the States.

Please join with me in intercessory prayer for Joseph and his family (he has 5 siblings). (They are also hurting financially because of all of the medical/travel bills incurred with this.) Pray for wisdom for the Drs as they continue to try to figure this out, and wisdom for Ken and BJ as they make decisions on Joe’s behalf. My prayer is that the Great Physician will reach down and touch Joe’s body, and that His name will be glorified in this situation!


~ Dana