Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12, 2009

Today marks a year since my dad went to be with his savior and left this earth of struggle and sin.  It’s been a journey for my family.  With my dad’s death, came many changes for all of us; the biggest of which came for my mom. Among those changes, she moved here to be nearer to us and to start afresh.  She is a strong woman because of her faith in The Loving God who gives her purpose and life and I am so proud of her.  Dad, we miss you but we are so thankful to know you are whole in mind and body and that you are enjoying being in the presence of your Savior. Mom, we love you and are so thankful to have you close by.  God, thank you for the hope we have because of You!




Joel and Bethany Potter

Missionaries with New Tribes Mission

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