Friday, December 26, 2008

Gingerbread House

Joel and Jack had a very special project this year. They built a gingerbread house together!
Joel has become quite the perfectionist and it was so fun to see Jack following in Daddy's footsteps.
Everything had it's place and it was all very neat and orderly!
Now Jack can't wait to dig in and enjoy his work!
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The boys' big "best present ever"

The title captures Jack's sentiments as he recieved his big present!
Actually, it's for both boys and they both loved it!
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Christmas Eve

We have a few traditions in our house for the holidays.
One of our favorites is to come home from the service at church
on Christmas Eve and exchange - PAJAMAS!
This ensures everyone has new, nice-looking pj's on
when we take pictures on Christmas morning.
These photos are of the time we spent opening the boys pj's.
Owen was so careful as he opened the package, tissue paper
and then gently set down his pjs on the carpet.
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Christmas Morning at the Potters

We had a lovely Christmas, and it was certainly a white Christmas!
From Top left: Owen opening a gift, Joel and Bethany Christmas morning,
the boys just getting to come downstairs, Bethany making sure everything was on the table for breakfast,
Joel made fresh scones, a yearly tradition, Joel got VINYL! - The Sea and Cake (his favorite band), Jack opening a gift.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

End Of The Semester

I just wanted to write a quick update as tomorrow is the Bible School's last day of classes for this semester. The students are excited to be done and for a whole class, they will be graduating this stage of the training and looking to what the Lord has next for them. Many of them will continue on to the next two years of training with NTM. But for many others who are not yet finished here, this Christmas break holds some questions.

We have a higher than normal number of students who are either not returning or considering not returning in January due to a lack of finances. These are students who genuinely desire to see the Lord work in their lives and many of whom desire to serve the Lord full time as missionaries.

These difficulties seem to be part and parcel of life in ministry but I want to ask you to pray as the Lord leads you right now for His provision for the finances and resources that these students vitally need to return.

It breaks our hearts to see these students who desire to serve limited by finances, but we know ultimately that our God works all things (in times of plenty and times of lacking) for His purpose!
My handsome boys. Who could ask for more? Thanks Mom Stroud for
taking us to get these photos done! What fun and incredible memories they'll be!
I can't wait to see you again in a few weeks.
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