Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kate's Room

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Wrapped around her little finger


As the saying goes, I'd say Joel is sunk!
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Kate's jaundice hasn't gone away completely so we've been doing a bit of sunbathing. She didn't mind it at all until the sun got in her eyes. As you can see in one of the pics, the instinct to cover her eyes comes naturally!
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Kate's First Bath


Kate got her first bath yesterday. I know, I know, I'm a bad mom. I mean it's been over a week since we brought her home. Well, to my defense, I was on bed rest for a few days after returning home and just now am feeling human enough to get up and about. She is clean now and looks as cute as ever. We are loving her more every day and it's still sinking in that we have a girl!!!
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Katedate #7

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Thank you for praying with us, and now rejoicing with us!
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Update or 'Katedate' #1

Bethany and her best friend, Jolene (who safely arrived from Springfield MO yesterday), just left the house (6:40 am) for the hospital for Bethany's scheduled induction. They'll get her checked in and then likely into a labor and delivery room, all conveniently located literally next door, 100 yards away at Allegience Hospital.

Bethany is happy that the day has come and we had some time to pray together last night. It's such a surreal thought that today, we'll hopefully, become a family of 5. From a kids perspective, we're 3 boys and 2 girls...

Would you be praying during these next hours? Bethany didn't sleep well; between Jack's coughing (be praying as he's got a mild cold made worse by his seasonal asthma) and Kate's kicking. I think the biggest thing on her mind, is her decision to try and avoid an epidural anesthesia and she's wondering how her body will handle it. Be praying for real and felt peace.

After getting the boys checked into child care at NTBI and picking up Jack's asthma meds, I'll head over the hospital myself and occupy the waiting room for the next few hours. Be praying for me, I'm wondering who the Lord might bring in my path while I wait.

I may update facebook a bit more than this blog, so if you're looking for more up to date 'Katedates', check that.

What a word, what a life, I'm in love...(with one, and hopefully two girls by days end!)

Sunday, January 17, 2010



So, many of you have been asking how I'm doing these last days of my pregnancy with Kate. I have decided to answer them in a FAQ format to cover all the bases...

Q #1 - How are you feeling?
A#1 - As you can see from the picture, I feel HUGE!!! But really I'm doing well other than just being generally uncomfortable. I have been able to nap the last few days while the boys are sleeping in the afternoon and I'm back to work in the mornings which is actually nice as i can just sit at my desk and not need to be moving all around, chasing the boys.

Q #2 - When is your due date?
A #2 - Technically, the Dr. says Jan. 28, but I say Jan. 25 and together we picked Jan. 21 as the induction date. My best friend Jolene is flying up from Missouri to be my labor coach so we got to schedule Kat'es arrival a week early to make it a little more likely Jolene can get here for it. So this Thursday it is and honestly that day can't come too soon!!! Oh to sleep again!

Q #3 - How are the boys going to handle a new sister?
A #3 - Jack's typical reply is "I can't wait for Kate to get here, I miss her but I'm not doing the diaper part!!!" Owen just lifts his shirt and says here's my baby Kate, she's kicking! I don't think he quite gets it and I think if anyone struggles with her arrival it may be him. Oh to be 2 1/2 and cease to get all the attention!

Q #4 - Will you keep working at your ministry at NTBI after Kate comes?
A #4 - Yes, I will continue my ministry there in the mornings, working for the Dean of Education as well as discipliship with student girls in the afternoons a few days a week. Kate will go to the nursery across the hall from the boys in preschool and just upstairs from my office!!

Q #5 - Well i can't think of one so I'll just say here that we would love your prayers this Thursday. I have had an epidural with both the deliveries with the boys but because anesthesia and I don't like each other so well (I get very sick from it), I am opting to go without one this time. I'm a bit nervous about that so please pray for my strength as pain and i don't like each other either :)!!! The induction will begin around 6 or 7 am on Thursday so we'll keep you posted as to when she arrives!!

4 days and counting...
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