Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Congratulations Carol

I not only had the honor of hosting Carol's bridal shower and making her cake, but I also
get to organize the decorating of her wedding reception. Carol is an amazing gal who has a wonderful
future ahead of her. I have so enjoyed getting to know her and I look forward to her special day.
Congratulations Carol! 65 Days and Counting!!!
P.S. THe girls in the photo above are writing Carol little notes which she will get to read before her wedding,
on her honeymoon and at her 1 year anniversary. Rachel, that was a great idea!
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My First Fondant Cake

I hosted a bridal shower for one of the students this past Monday. I also agreed to make the cake.
I love making cakes and thought it would be fun to try doing fondant this time, the first time.
So, while we were in Indiana, we had a little get together with some old friends and it provided a perfect
opportunity for me to make a practice cake. I think it came out pretty good. It wasn't without it's challenges and
I ended up making a different kind of fondant for the shower cake but for my first time, I was pretty pleased!
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A Winona Weekend - A Flooded Walk

We had a couple of opportunities to go for a walk while we were in the Village.
We saw some amazing views of the flooding that has overwhelmed the little village.
The lake is in many people's backyards, literally, closing off several streets. Although
it is sad for many people whose homes will likely have damage, it provided for some amazing
pictures and sights for us.
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A Weekend In Winona - Dinner Out

Joel and I were able to take a short weekend trip to Indiana to visit Joel's
brother and his lovely wife. The boys stayed home with Owen's teacher Emily
and had a great time! We also had a great time :).
Going out to dinner, a double date, no kids, at a really nice restaurant and being treated to
a most amazing dinner, well, I can't imagine it getting better than that!
Jon and Christine live in Winona Lake, former home of Billy Sunday, current home of Grace College
and location of a restaurant we would love to recommned to you! If you are ever in that area, check out Cerulean.
It's in the Village at Winona Lake and it's amazing!
Thanks Jon and Christine for a relaxing, enjoyable weekend.
We were refreshed and recharged for a busy week!
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Rachel Potter

We celebrated another girl in our dorm a few weeks ago. Rachel is a senior this semester
which means we only have a few more months with her before she graduates.
Rachel, we love you and are proud of who you are and what God is molding you into.
OH and yes, her real last name is POTTER! Ironic, eh?
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