Monday, September 27, 2010

All By Myself

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Jack calls to me from the entry way a little while ago..., "Mom, Kate's standing up!". I'm thinking, not possible, she's barely crawling. So, I go running to the entry way and sure enough, she's gotten herself to standing at her swing, and is playing with the buckle.


My two favorite times of the year are spring, when the tulips bloom and fall when the harvest vegetables are ripe. The fall to me is a time for soups, snuggling under blankets and walks in the rustling leaves. Thankfully, in the midst of a crazy time of life, we have been able to enjoy all three.
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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Oh and...

Oh and the pictures of the cake and the adorable little girl… We had a little party for Jack and his friend Josie since they were both going to kindergarten together this year!  Josie is our neighbor, friend and sits across from Jack in class! Way to go Josie!!!


Jack goes to Kindergarten

So today was Jack's first day of Kindergarten. Just a half day today but tomorrow is the real deal! 7:30 am - leave the house, 3:40 pm arrive back home! He has a great teacher and so far today was a success. For all those out there wondering, there were no tears for any of us and just to prove how Joel and I felt after dropping him off, see the bottom left picture. That pretty much sums it up; grin on my face, Joel just a tad melancholy! So it begins...
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