Monday, April 30, 2007

"Jack is in for trouble ;-)"

They come with hats, what happened to mine?

Worth every minute of the last 9 months!

You sure you want to do this?

Potter BOYS

Note the title, BOYS, plural!

That obviously means we had, well it was more like Bethany had the baby.

Owen Daniel was born at 1:52pm, nice and in the middle of the day. He's 7lb11oz and 21 inches long.

The whole process was such a awesome blessing from God. When we compare it to Jack's birth, this was a breeze. It was so great to have him be born healthy and be able to hold him for a while after the birth. Bethany especially treasured that as she was pretty out of it after Jack was born.

Hows that for news! More to come later.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

baby update

Today was my last Dr.s appointment!  Yes that's right!  The last.  I haven't progressed any more toward delivering little Owen, so I am scheduled to be induced on Monday morning at 5 am.  I am still hopeful that he'll come on his own before then but at least there is now a definite end in sight!  Joel's sister's birthday is on Sunday and so that would be a fun birthday present for her!


With the weather we've had lately, I have wondered what would happen if I went into labor while we were under a tornado watch or warning.  Could be interesting but I suppose we'd just have to pray our way to the hospital!  Tonight our weather here in Missouri is forcast to be severe and hail is a good possibility!  Some people say that low pressure systems have been known to bring on labor. I will take it, if that's true!


Sorry this is all we have had to report lately.  I promise come August, life will become interesting again and we'll have lots to share with you about our international travels!



Thursday, April 19, 2007

no new progress

Ok for all you out there wondering… today I had another appointment with the doctor and he said I still have not progressed any farther toward delivering the baby. Keep praying. I am finally beginning to feel a bit better after starting the medicines for bronchitis on Tuesday. I know God knows what I can handle but I must say that this on top of feeling very pregnant has certainly tested my limits! Thanks to those who have prayed for us these past weeks and those who so faithfully check up on us. It's so nice to know we are loved!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My birthday bike!

Jack got a new bike for his birthday. He still won't use the peddles and prefers the "flinstone style" of riding but he sure can get around the house just fine.

Have your cake and eat it too!

These two are being published a little late but none-the-less...
Jack truly enjoyed his birthday party this year! As you can see, the cake was a big hit!

Give me an "O"!

Here is Bethany at Owen's baby shower. The theme was all "O"'s, including the refreshments! This is my favorite kind of doughnut! Yummy!

Chatting with Daddy

While Joel was in Indonesia renewing his visa, we stayed in touch via skye every day. Jack loved seeing Daddy on the computer.

Takin' a ride in my automobile!

Jack is in love with all things mobile and when we saw this tracktor at the outlet mall, he just had to take a ride. It made his day until... he had to get off.

Still waiting!

It's been an interesting few weeks. I must admit, not at all like I thought they would be.  We are still waiting on Owen to make his appearance, much to my frustration at times.  I am reminded in my heart though, and even by my doctor, that God's timing is best.  I suppose since Jack came so early I truly thought Owen would as well, but this little guy is making sure we know he's not his big brother!  I have had contractions off and on the last few weeks but nothing seems to pan out.  Jack also passed me his cold this weekend and so now I'm thinking I'd like to get over it before going into labor.  I'm so fickle!  Do you ever find yourself wavering like me?  I sure hope I'm not alone in that!


Joel has been making great progress here at mom's house in the rhelm of cleaning out!  He has dubbed himself the "clean sweep" host of the Stroud house!  Mom has graciously agreed to go along with him and we are now seeing the basement once again!  I think we might actually have it usable by the time we leave to go back to Indonesia.  We plan to install the windows and fence in early May and with those projects done, mom will be able to see some long time goals accomplished!  We are also making headway with getting her stable and organized financially and are seeing God provide for her in some amazing ways – this year she loves the IRS!!


Joel and I aren't so in love with Uncle Sam this year.  We just found out that contrary to what we thought, we won't qualify for overseas exemption for last year as we missed the qualifying number of days out of country by about 30.  We are now praying God will show us how He is going to provide in spite of our mistake.  We are details-oriented people but we really missed it on this one!  God has already shown us His ability to provide for our every need just in the past 2 weeks.  With medical bills mounting (baby bills and Joel to see an allergist), we weren't sure how they would get paid but just the other day, God used a current supporter and friend and his generous heart to meet a very specific need.  You want to know the truly humbling part, this frined is currently going through a very difficult personal struggle but still, in spite of what could overwhelm him he was looking to the Lord still to know how he could be a blessing to us!  Isn't the body of Christ amazing.  We truly are never alone. 


We have now met with our language helper 3 times (2 of which we spoke only Indonesian) and we are so encouraged with how God met that need.  She is a wonderful gal who has blessed us by giving of her time to help us.  I was nervous as to how I would do but have seemingly slipped into speaking Indonesian with only a few gliches.  We have covered so many amazing topics which each stretch our vocabulary and use of grammer.  She is from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and there they have their own way of speaking that is very different that where we were living in Central Java but even so, we have been able to understand her and are even picking up new things from her.  Our language training was in very formal Indonesian and so it's been good to loosen up a bit!


Well that's all from this home front.  Lord willing our next update will be an ANNOUNCEMENT!  Till then…



Tuesday, April 03, 2007

baby shower and other news

Last night several ladies from our church threw me a baby shower for Owen.  It was a really nice time and we will be set for diapers and wipes for some time!  Mabye even till we leave for Indo again!  Thanks ladies!  It was an "O" theme and even the dessert followed the theme with donuts, of course, all in the shape of O's!  Cheerios, life savers, etc.  Very creative and fun – thanks Rachel and Laura.  Today I had an appointment with the doctor and it looks like my body is certainly getting ready for this little one to join us soon!  If we make it to the due date, I'll be shocked. 


We are really enjoying spring this year. Knowing what the two seasons we have in Indonesia are like, really opens our eyes to what we have here.  Spring is so beautiful with everything popping up here new and green.  I've even enjoyed pulling weeds in Mom's garden!  Jack loves running in the grass, playing in sandboxes, swinging on his toddler swing in the back yard and sliding down slides or "weeeee's" as he calls them.  He is talking up a storm and most of the time is understandable with all the new words he comes out with.  He is still using quite a few Indonesian words so that is fun! 


We have our first official language session tomorrow night with Caroline.  We are excited but I'm a bit nervous too.  We're going to be eating Thai food together – close enough to Indonesian food!  It should be fun.  For now, I leave you with an Indonesian Salamat Malam or Good Night!