Friday, July 01, 2011

Changes...Migrations...More To Come!

Over the coming weeks and likely months (we are parents, spouses and full time missionaries afterall...) we'll be making some big changes to how we communicate with you. We'll be trying several new mediums of communication including:

  • A new ministry-centric website which is live now. Please click your way to it and check it out! We'll be using this to post stories and pictures that will give you a better idea of what we do as missionaries with New Tribes Mission.
  • Some of you may already be familiar with and receive our email updates. Those will continue to be a primary way that we communicate with you. If you're not already receiving these, you'll enjoy the perspective they offer. The link below will let you subscribe to these. Just enter your name and email address in the boxes on the page. We'd love to have you follow us!

  • This Blog will likely be under a bit of construction and be used for features on our family as well as for albums of pictures. Watch for the new look to come!
  • Some of you may remember my (Joel) old personal Blog, 'Auraltecture.' I hope to relaunch this Blog in the coming months either at it's present location on Blogspot or possibly via Wordpress. I'll make sure to let you know what I do. My intent with that Blog is to talk about music and culture, as well as some 'unique' discoveries that I find about the places we live... If you're interested in looking at some of my previous posts, click your way to Auraltecture below.

That's all for now. Watch for news of our upcoming trip to California. We're very involved in a wedding of a dear friend and disciple (Grace Baldwin) of ours as well as catching up with family and partners on the west coast. Thanks for following!

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